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'try before you buy'experience

The leading eCommerce
Augmented Reality system

Rug and Carpet retailers choose ARspar for rich customer engagements and confident buying experience.

Upload 2D images, get photorealistic 3D models - Made simple

Customer engagement

Buying confidence

Track statistics

Drive more sales

Loved by leading rug retailers

ARspar clientARspar clientARspar client

Give Customers Best Reasons to Buy

ARspar helps you generate rich strategies. Do you need more sales or reviews? ARspar takes your existing images and 3D models and combines them with your checkout system to create replicas of real products. It’s easy to use and files can be created in minutes.


consumers used ARspar shopping experience in their buying journey.

Make your customers excited and amazed to empower your webshop

Product reviews on satisfaction

Collect customer reviews with quick action buttons, and let them make a convinced comment.

Track your customers

Understand your customers behaviours easily with your dashboard.

Uplift successful checkouts by 29%

Easily checkout, convince, convert.

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ARspar carpet
ARspar carpet

Carpets, rugs and floor tiles

Re-visualise rugs

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Display Your Models With The Best Light

Give your salespeople the entire stock inventory on site calls. Wouldn't it be great if customers could view your whole product line in their own space, at scale, exactly as they'll look once placed, without having to rely on physical samples?

ARspar provides consumers with hyper-realistic AR models of your carpets that they may see on their Android or iOS smartphone.

Quick Action Buttons To Boost ~Your Webshop

Quick Action Buttons To Boost Your Webshop

We offer all our shopping experience methods through one button. That way you have one central point for your customers to make the last desicion.

Let happy and amazed customers sing your brand

ARspar carpet

Attract referred customers

Generate rich audiences through trusted recommendations from your happy customers.

Boosted revenue and trust

Utilize beautiful widgets and product models to showcase brand love.

Easily usage and engagement

Customers are more likely to use simple widgets. No app, development or 3D design needed.

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ARspar clientARspar clientARspar client

Build a community with the trust. Create an influencer effect to try your product with personalised shopping experience.
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ARspar brand
ARspar brand
ARspar brand
ARspar brand
ARspar brand



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